Fuchsia Varieties

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Here is a comprehensive list of all our fuchsia  varieties. Our Fuchsias can be purchased at our green house in Chimacum , WA, or you can order starts right here from our Online Fuchsia store.


If ordering starts online for Fuchsia Baskets, we recommend four starts per basket. This will provide for optimum beauty and fullness of your hanging Fuchsia plants.

Trailing Fuchsias:

Variety                    Bloom                    Description


Alice KennedyDoubleSepals pink, Corolla lavender with pink streaks.

ApplauseDoubleSepals coral pink, Corolla coral pink.

Beauty of Heathcoate-SingleSepals white, Corolla soft coral.

Bee KeesleyDoubleSepals white, Corolla purple.

Bicentennial-DoubleSepals salmon, Corolla orange with magenta.


Billy– SingleSepals pink, Corolla violet

Blue EyesDoubleSepals rose-red, Corolla mauve.

Blue Ribbon-DoubleSepals pink, Corolla white streaked pink. 

Blueberry FizzDoubleSepals white, Corolla shades of blue, purple and pink.

Blush O’Dawn-DoubleSepals pale pink, Corolla pale lavender.

Brookwood JoyDoubleSepals white tipped green, Corolla hyacinth blue.

CaledoniaSingle-Sepals rose-red, Corolla rose-red, tiny flowers.

Cecile-DoubleSepals rose, Corolla lavender/blue.

Celebration-DoubleSepals pale orange, Corolla marbled shades of orange.

Cloth of GoldSingleSepals pink, Corolla purple, Gold-green foliage.

Dainty EarringsSingle-Sepals red, Corolla purple.

Dark Eyes-DoubleSepals red, Corolla purple.

Deep PurpleDoubleSepals white, Corolla dark purple, Lg blooms.


Dollar Princess-Double-Sepals Red, Corolla purple.

Drama GirlDoubleSepals pale pink, Corolla blue with pink marbling.

Dusky Blue-DoubleSepals pink, Corolla violet streaked with pink.

Fluffy RufflesDoubleSepals light red, corolla white.

Golden AnniversaryDoubleSepals white tinged pink, Corolla purple.

Golden GirlDoubleSepals light pink, Corolla violet-purple.

Harry GrayDoubleWhite with dark pint at tube, Corolla white.

HermienaSemi-DblSepals pink, Corolla purple.

Indian MaidDoubleSepals red, Corolla dark purple.

Jack ShahanSingleSepals rose, Corolla rose.

Jerry Copley-DoubleSepals red, Corolla very light pink.

Julie HortonDoubleSepals pink tipped green, Corolla pink.

Kathy Louise-Double-Sepals dark pink, Corolla orchid pink.

King Of Siam-SingleSepals red, Curling Corolla red tinged purple.

Lady Patricia Montbatten-SingleSepals light pink, Corolla lavender.

La CampanulaSingleSepals white, Corolla purple.

LenaSemi-DblSepals Pink, Corolla purple and Magenta.

LisaDoubleSepals pink, Corolla lavender.

Marcus GrahamDoubleSepals pink, Corolla lavender.

MarinkaSingleSepals wine-red, Corolla wine-red.

Orange QueenSingleSepals white, Corolla dark orange.

Painted DesertDoubleSepals rose, Corolla violet marbled rose.

PersonalityDoubleSepals red, Corolla purple-burgundy.

Pink Galore-DoubleSepals pink, Corolla pink.

Pink Marshmallow-DoubleSepals white, Corolla white tinged pink.

Pink RainSingleSepals pink, Corolla pink, hundreds of tiny blooms.

PrincessitaSingle-Sepals white, Corolla deep rose.


Quasar-Double-Sepals white, Corolla lavender.

Queen ElizabethSemi-Dbl.-Sepals red, Corolla red-purple.

Royal Air Force-DoubleSepals dark rose, Corolla pink streaked rose.

Roessee BlackyDoubleSepals light aubergine, Corolla dark aubergine.

Rough SilkDoubleSepals pale pink, Corolla Magenta.

San DiegoDoubleSepals white, Corolla dark rose.

Silver QueenSemi-DblSepals pink, Corolla lavender.

Snowy SummitDoubleSepals white, Corolla white large blooms.

SwingtimeDoubleSepals red, Corolla white.

Taffeta Bow-Double-Sepals pink, Corolla purple, very large blooms, long trailing.

TinkerbellSingleSepals white edged pink, Corolla white edged dark pink.

TrailblazerDoubleSepals red, Corolla red.

Two TiersDoubleSepals pink, Corolla magenta.

Wavenly Gem-DoubleSepals white, corolla magenta.

Welsh DragonDoubleSepals dark pink, corolla hot pink.


Hardy Upright Fuchsias:

H3-Abbe Fargess-Semi-Dbl-Sepals pink, Corolla lilac, nice bushy plant with lots of smallest blooms.

H3-Alice Hoffman-Semi-Dbl-Sepals rose, Corolla white bronzy, green foliage.

H2-AnitaDoubleSepals white, Corolla bright orange, bronzy foliage.

H3-Army NurseDoubleSepals red, Corolla bluish violet.

H2-Baron De KettlerDoubleSepals red, Corolla intense purple.

H2-Blumen FreudenDouble-Sepals light aubergine, corolla dark aubergine, nice stiff upright, large crinkled leaves.

H2-Bealings-DoubleSepals white, Corolla deep violet medium size blooms.

H2-Border QueenSingleSepals pink tipped green, Corolla violet very bushy profuse bloomer.

H3-BrutusSemi-DblSepals red, Corolla dark purple bushy grower, lot of blooms.

H2-CardinalSingleSepals red, Corolla dark red, large grower.

H2-CheckerboardSingle-Sepals white, Corolla magenta-red easy plant with lots of blooms, taller.

H2-Cherry-Double-Sepals pale pink, Corolla deep rose.

H1-Cyndy Pike-Single-small pink blooms.

H3-DavidSingleSepals red, Corolla purple, short in height.

H2-Display-Single-sepals rose, corolla rose, perfect little ballerinas on beautiful dark foliage.

H3-Double Otto-DoubleSepals red, Corolla purple, large blooms.

H3-DrameSingleSepals red, Corolla purple, yellowish green foliage.

H2-Egmont BlueDouble-Sepals white, corolla bluish-purple.

H3-Exmore woods-Single-Sepals white/blushed rose, Corolla dark lavender with rose.

H3-f.Magellanica alba-SingleSepals white, Corolla white flushed pink.

H3-f.Magellanica aureaSingleSepals scarlet red, Corolla purple, golden foliage.

H3-Falklands-DoubleSepals light rose, Corolla fuchsia-purple.

H3-FlashSingleSepals red, Corolla magenta red profuse bloomer.

H2-GaladrielSingle-Sepals white, Corolla orange, small cup shaped blooms.

H1-GartenmeisterSingle-Sepals orange, Corolla orange, Triphylla

H2-Grandma SintonDouble-Sepals white with a splash of dark pink at tube. Corolla shell pink.

H3-HawksheadSingle-Sepals white, Corolla nearly white.

H2-IglooDoubleSepals white, Corolla white.

H2-Jenney SorensenSingleSepals dark pink, Corolla orchid with darker picotee edging.

H3-Jingle BellssingleSepals red, Corolla white, bushy plant with bronze foliage.

H2-June Bride-SingleSepals rose, Corolla rose lots of little ballerinas.

H2-Lambada-Single-Sepals pink, Corolla mallow purple, prolific bloomer.

H2 Machu PichuSingle-Sepals light salmon, Corolla orange.

H3-Margaret Brown-SingleSepals rosy pink, Corolla pink.

H1-MarySingleSepals red, Corolla red, Triphylla type.

H3-MaximaSingleSepals aubergine, Corolla dark aubergine.

H3-Mrs. PoppleSingleSepals scarlet, Corolla purple-violet, spreading bush.

H2-Niccas Findling-SingleSepals coral, Corolla orange-red, nice border or pot plant.

H2-PalomaSingleSepals pink, Corolla light pink very bushy prolific bloomer.

H3-Papoose-SingleSepals red, Corolla purple, low growing, will Bonsai easily.

H3-Pat’s DreamSingleSepals rose, Corolla violet tall and bushy small blooms.

H3-PhyllisSingle-Sepals waxy rose, Corolla wine colored, vigorous up to 4 ft.

H2-Pinto De BlueDoubleSepals white, Corolla dark purple.

H3-RufusSingleSepals coral-red, Corolla red.

H2-ShelfordSingle-Sepals very light pink with white, Corolla white with pink veining.

H1-SpeciosaSingle tube-Sepals dull red-foliage is large/plant.

H2-Strawberry DelightSemi-DblCorolla white with red veins.

H2-SunshineSingleSepals salmon-pink, Corolla salmon-pink, bushy plant, profuse bloomer.

H2-TessieSingleSepals light pink, Corolla magenta profuse bloomer.

H2-Tom ThumbSingle-Sepals red, Corolla purple, small blooms.

H3-Voltaire-Single-Sepals scarlet, Corolla magenta-red, LG blooms.

H2-Voodoo-Double-Sepals red, Corolla deep purple, large blooms.

Wigan PeerDoubleSepals white-flushed pale pink, Corolla white with light pink.

Wood VioletSingleSepals red, Corolla violet-blue.