Egg and I Pork features Tamworth pigs

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Piggy Party in the Pasture

We are focusing on our commercial accounts and are not offering custom whole and half pork shares. We are happy to refer you to our affiliate farm in PortAngeles

Looking for a good fit for our small farm endeavor, these little piggies captured our hearts and interests.


Dinner Time

Tamworth  pigs are the right pig for several Very Good reasons:  These European old world pigs were developed for small farms of pre-industrial England, with little if any influence from Asian breeds. Great temperament, good mothers, a truly unique pig.  Tamworths thrive in outdoor settings and grow well on forage and small grains. Tamworth pigs are listed as a rare breed. The best way to ensure these wonderful heritage breed pigs survive is by raising them for the dinner table. The flavor! Tamworth pork has converted our family to pork lovers. Not the Other White Meat, no more dry pork chops. Our pork is flavorful, juicy, and a true pleasure to eat. Tamworth bacon wins champion whenever entered in competition. It is the best bacon hog there is. Bacon.


Grain Feeder System

Tamworth pork made better with care and sensible local feed sources. Barley and wheat are the grains that first identified people as farmers. I buy farmer direct 22 miles from here. Barley makes things taste good. Rolled and soaked in whey to make a pig appropriate slop. Topped off with a generous helping of whole raw clabbered milk from neighboring cow and goat dairies. The whole barley is also sprouted to produce spring like vigor, year round. We give em lots of hay, garden scraps and lots of ground to forage. We finish on a treat of hazelnuts because we are nutz for flavor around here.

Our animals eat Zero GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) Banned in most of the world. Its a risky USA experiment in my opinion. That is No feed corn, soy, alfalfa, old bread or any other junk foods. Neither should you. Also bar code free on as many inputs as possible. Only the real deal here.


Happy Pigs

For year round production we have installed a large hoop house with a deep bed of straw for piglet rearing. The animals are kept dry and warm. Spending days rooting around and playing in straw. Our sows are never put in the controversial farrowing crates. All our breeding animals are hand raised, named colors and live happy lives in our care. Our little pigs emerge a step ahead of out door born or cold barn

Look for our products available at the Chimacum Corner Farmstand, Port Townsend Food Coop, and Jefferson Healthcare cafeteria.

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