Mock Orange (Philadelphus lewisii) Shrub

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Mock Orange (Philadelphus lewisii) Shrub

Philadelphus lewisii

Deciduous Shrub

Height: 9 ft.

Availability: Medium

Growing ease: High

Moisture req.: dry – moist

Exposure req.: sun – part shade


Plant description:

Our native mock orange is a scrubby fighter of a bush, able to withstand cold and hot, moist and dry. It can be found in open meadowland and at the edge of forests. Like other mock oranges it is quite fragrant and the white flowers are showy. It is a fairly open, loose and irregular shrub and is best used at the back of a border or as part of a hedgerow. It should also be considered for use near outdoor living areas or entries when their fragrance early summer is most appreciated.